ammonium sulphate

ammonium sulphate

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Nov 01, 2015· Ammonium sulphate is a crystalline powder (Table 7.5) although it may be available as a 40% solution and is safer than anhydrous or aqueous ammonia. A solution is prepared from the powder for dosing. Dose control is similar to gaseous ammonia. View chapter Purchase book.

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Ammonium sulfate fertilizer was one of the first and widely-used nitrogen fertilizers used for crop production. It isn't as common today as it was in the past, but it is still a valuable commodity in regions where the soil lacks enough sulfur and nitrogen to provide a growing foundation.

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Lawn and Garden Ammonium Sulfate has an NPK of 21-0-0. An economical source of quick greening nitrogen, with high sulfur. Use for rapid growth and to increase plant greening.

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Define ammonium sulfate. ammonium sulfate synonyms, ammonium sulfate pronunciation, ammonium sulfate translation, English dictionary definition of ammonium sulfate. n. An odorless white crystalline salt, 2SO4, used in fertilizers, fire retardants, and water purification.

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Ammonium Sulfate is a chemical compound crystalline in nature used primarily to manufacture artificial alkaline soil fertilizers for agriculture. Ammonium Sulfate is an inorganic water-soluble salt that contains: 21% Nitrogen 24% Sulfur Ammonium Sulfate's high nitrogen content is what makes it the perfect supplement for nitrogen deficient soils and lawns, alike. Since lawn grass requires ...

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Ammonium sulfate has an acidifying effect on soil due to the nitrification process, not from the presence of sulfate, which has a negligible effect on pH. The acid-producing potential of ammonium sulfate is greater than the same N application from ammonium nitrate, for example, since all of the N in ammonium sulfate converts to nitrate ...

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CAS: MDL: MFCD EINECS: Synonyms: Diammonium sulfate, Sulfuric acid diammonium salt May be used for the precipitation or fractionation of proteins or for purification of antibodies. Useful for crystallographic analysis of nucleic acids and proteins.

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Ammonium sulfate (IUPAC-recommended spelling; also ammonium sulphate in British English), (NH4)2SO4, is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses. The most common use is as a soil fertilizer. It contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur.

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Ammonium sulfate is an inorganic sulfate salt obtained by reaction of sulfuric acid with two equivalents of ammonia.A high-melting (decomposes above 280℃) white solid which is very soluble in water (70.6 g/100 g water at 0℃; 103.8 g/100 g water at 100℃), it is widely used as a fertilizer for alkaline soils. It has a role as a fertilizer.

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With solid ammonium sulfate, a mortar and pestle can be used to break up any lumps. Use analytical grade as lower grade material is often contaminated with heavy metals. Addition of ammonium sulfate acidifies the solution so use at least a 50 mM HEPES or Tris …

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Jul 17, 2017· Fertilizing your lawn with ammonium sulfate provides a quick-release boost for grass. Containing 21 percent nitrogen and 24 percent sulfur, and available as a granular and liquid feed, ammonium sulfate is a mineral fertilizer product suitable for cool-season and warm-season lawns. Its effects last four to six weeks.

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Properties. Ammonium sulfate is an inorganic salt with a high solubility that disassociates into ammonium (NH 4 +) and sulfate (SO 4 2−) in aqueous solutions. Ammonium sulfate is especially useful as a precipitant because it is highly soluble, stabilizes protein structure, has a relatively low density, is readily available, and is relatively inexpensive.

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When ammonium sulfate reacts with alkaline substances, it gives off ammonia gas. Finally, ammonium sulfate is a fertilizer that's sometimes used in making homemade explosives. Use in Fertilizers. Ammonium sulfate is used most commonly as an artificial fertilizer for alkaline soils. When introduced into damp soil, an ammonium ion is released.

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Ammonium sulfate is used largely as an artificial fertilizer for alkaline soils. In the soil, the sulfate ion is released and forms bisulfate, lowering the pH balance of the soil while contributing essential nitrogen for plant growth. For use on lawns and

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Ammonium sulfate dissolves less readily than many other natural and synthetic compounds, making it an economical choice for a cheap fertilizer ingredient. This compound also serves as an herbicide by searing and ultimately killing the leaves of plants, making their removal easy.

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Ammonium Sulfate (5 lb.) by Pure Organic Ingredients, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Fertilizer & Soil Acidifier, Highest Quality, NO Iron OR Aluminum (Also in 8 oz, 1 …

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Sep 01, 2017· Ammonium sulfate is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from the air, so be sure to keep the bag tightly closed. Applying ammonium sulfate As with any soil treatment, read the label and follow the directions. Seriously. When applying ammonium sulfate to your lawn or garden, be sure to water or work it into the soil right away.

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Ammonium sulfate has a high sulfur content in the sulfate form, making it readily absorbable by plants. It has a low pH, making it suitable for alkaline soils. As a nitrogenous fertilizer, it competes with urea, ammonium phosphates, and ammonium nitrate.

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Mar 30, 2006· What is the best organic source of highly concentrated ammonium sulphate? At a recent seminar, a nursery grower said that ammonium sulphate was the only soil fertilizer needed in the heavy clay soil here in this valley.

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Ammonium Sulphate Product Description. Analysis: S available in slightly varying analyses. Often abbreviated AS or AMS, Ammonium Sulphate is produced from a reac­tion of sulfuric acid and heated ammonia. AS is often a byproduct of other manufacturing …

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Ammonium sulfate definition is - a colorless crystalline salt (NH4)2SO4 used chiefly as a fertilizer.